Premium Blueberry Production Baltic Substrate

Sakata Solutions® Premium Blueberry Production Baltic Substrate is specially formulated for the production of Blueberries and bush berries in large containers requiring a substrate fiber that will withstand a long growing cycle (years) while maintaining fiber integrity.


Premium Block Cut Baltic Peat Moss
Lime (Calcium Carbonate)
Top Quality Compound Fertilizer
Micro-Nutrient Fertilizer
Slow Release Nitrogenous Fertilizer
Wetting Agent


Berry Crops requiring
long lasting fibers for
long growing cycles.
Large container

Chemical Characteristics

pH 4.5 – 5.0
EC 0.8

Unit of Measure

3.8 Compressed Cubic Feet / 107 Cubic Liters
110 Compressed Cubic Feet / 6,000 Liters